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Valerie Hegarty

Famous paintings come to life in 3D sculptures of nature’s destructive tendencies.

This is scary

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Tattoo Blog
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Bounce, bounce, bounce 😏💋
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You always see young people naked together.
Well- here’s the hidden, beautiful reality.
We are forever- naked together.

That is the greatest picture..
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need you 
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september 19// 3:09 am
ur not mine anymore but im urs i’ll always fucking be urs it’s so sick u ripped my chest open n left me laying on the bathroom floor to rot but we both know that if u showed up at my house 6 yrs from now looking for a heart to break I’d give u mine all over again

september 27// 2:07 am
i just wanted to tell u that i miss u

september 27// 4:16 am
i rly fuckin miss u

november 18// 5:14 pm
i kissed someone else today n he didn’t make my mouth bleed the way u always did but i still wished u were the one i was kissing

december 4// 3:38 am
ur such a dick lol

december 4// 3:41 am
im still in love w u

december 16// 8:16 am
omf it’s still hard to sleep without u what the fuck did u do to me u were the kind of boy who tasted like stars and kissed like outer space but u turned my insides black

march 11// 4:02 pm
this boy told me he loved me and i want so badly to get butterflies n to grab him and kiss him bc i think he’s good u know like maybe he won’t break me but every time he says it i just get sick bc i can’t stop thinking about all the times u told me u loved me and probably never meant it

april 17// 5:22 am
u ruined me

april 21// 11:19 pm
i’d still kiss u if i could

may 8// 4:06 am
ur drunk and u just left me a voicemail and i think it was an accident but this is the first time i’ve heard ur voice in months and i can’t stop shaking and i miss u i miss u

june 4// 3:17
ur eyes were like one of those pretty spiderwebs covered in raindrops that look like diamonds and i got trapped in u and u ate me alive what the fuck i just wanted to hold ur hand

june 13// 2:17 pm
my mom just asked what happened to us and i threw up


~   13 texts I shouldn’t have sent (via extrasad)

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Opaque  by  andbamnan